7 Best Hybrid Table Saws In 2023 – Buying Guide And Reviews

Table saws are a fundamental part of any woodworker’s tool set. A hybrid table saw is a great option for a small wood shop or garage. Actually they’re great for any woodworker who would ideally like a cabinet table saw, but doesn’t quite have the space.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, choosing the right saw can make all the difference in the quality and efficiency of your projects.

But how do you go about choosing the best hybrid table saw?

Well luckily I’ve got you covered. In this article I’ll show you my top picks for hybrid table saws, including why they stand out from the rest.

I also provide a comprehensive buying guide so you know exactly what to look for when making a selection.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick roundup of my best hybrid table saws:

Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have found a hybrid table saw that’s perfect for your needs.

My Top Picks for Best Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid table saws combine the stability of a cabinet saw with the less expensive internal mechanisms of a contractor saw.

You might have a specific brand that’s your go-to for power tools, but I recommend reading through the saw’s functionality before making your pick.

It’s important to make sure such a fundamental tool fits the needs of your future projects.

After all, something like a table saw will see plenty of action from both amateur and professional woodworkers.

So here are my top picks for hybrid table saws.

Top Pick – Shop Fox W1837 10” Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

For a long time I was on the hunt for a hybrid table saw that offered all the cutting capacity and functionality of a cabinet saw but without the excessive price tag.

Well that’s exactly what the Shop Fox W1837 offers.

It has a 2HP motor capable of a maximum speed of 3,450RPM. While it offers less power than a cabinet saw, it can definitely keep up in the speed department.

Importantly, its motor is capable of cutting through all types of wood, and a range of other materials. Combine this with its 30” rip capacity and you should have plenty of flexibility for your future projects.

The W1837 has a 10” blade with up to a 45-degree tilt. Its maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 3.25”, and at 45 degrees it’s 2.25”. You’ll find this is more than enough for the kind of rip cuts you’d do on this tool.

It comes with an adjustable precision fence with front and rear locking. You also get a T-slot miter gauge, extended push stick and riving knife. Overall, this gives you great accuracy for a range of cuts.

You’ll also find plenty of safety features on this table saw. Along with the riving knife, it comes with a quick-release blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. The latter prevents material from kicking back, which is an excellent feature.

Inside the cabinet you’ll find a 4” dust chute. On its own this contains dust well, but you can also hook it up to a shop vac. This is a useful feature for both accuracy and safety.

Perhaps my only criticism is the saw’s weight. The 40”x27” table is made from cast iron and comes in at a whopping 243lbs! What’s more, it doesn’t come pre-assembled, so you’ll need to do this yourself.

But the weight isn’t a massive problem. Not only does the cast iron table drastically reduce vibration, it’s not designed to be portable anyway.

Once it’s set up in your workshop you won’t have an issue. And if you do need to move it, it has a foot-operated mobility lever.

Rip Fence Capacity30 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPM3450
Capacity at 90°3 1/4 inch
Warranty 2 year


  • 30” rip capacity and 10” blade can handle most materials.
  • Great range of safety features.
  • Easily keeps up with cabinet saws.
  • Cast iron table reduces vibration.
  • Ideal for smaller workshops.


  • Requires assembly.
  • Very heavy, which reduces mobility.

The Shop Fox W1837 is my top pick for good reason. It offers flexibility, stability and safety all in a compact package.

It’s also good value for money and would make a fine addition to the workshop of either an amateur or professional.

While its weight might seem an issue, the casters and mobility pedal make it easy to move when necessary.

To check current prices and availability, click the link below.

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Top Premium Pick – SAWSTOP 10” Contractor Saw (CNS175-TGP236)

As a woodworking professional, I appreciate that sometimes it’s worth investing more in a premium tool with greater functionality.

When I found the SAWSTOP CNS175-TGP236, I realized I’d found exactly that saw.

The table is sturdy and well-built, meaning it won’t be affected by vibration while you’re cutting. What’s more, it has a large work surface that makes it easy to handle even ungainly bits of lumber.

One of my favorite parts is the extension table. It adds an extra 10” to your work surface, meaning you have versatility when you need it.

Perhaps what sets this model apart is its accuracy features. The 10” blade has a cutting depth of 3-1/8” and a maximum tilt of 45 degrees. The T-glide fence system means excellent accuracy and is durable enough for everyday use.

The 1.75HP motor is capable of ripping through most materials and won’t sacrifice precision. It has a maximum RPM of 4,000, which easily goes through anything you throw at it.

The blade is set in the cast iron table, and the miter mechanism is located beneath. It’s perfectly clear and easy to use, which allows for high levels of accuracy.

As you’d expect from a premium model, the cast iron table reduces vibration. It sits at 20” but has adjustable legs, making it accessible to a wider audience.

What truly sets the CNS175-TGP236 apart from the rest is its safety features. Sure, you get the quick-release blade guard and riving knife you’d expect, but there’s an added bonus.

SAWSTOP are known for their patented security mechanisms. The blade carries an electrical signal that reacts to the smallest changes. The second your skin touches the blade it stops.

In fact, this happens in around 3 milliseconds and triggers a hard shutdown. You won’t find this kind of feature elsewhere and I feel it easily justifies the premium price tag.

My only real negative is that the table isn’t flat on its rear edge. But once you become accustomed to this it shouldn’t make a significant difference to your work.

Rip Fence Capacity36 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPMN/A
Capacity at 90°3 1/8 inch
Warranty 1 year


  • Patented safety features make this one of the safest table saws.
  • High quality design and construction.
  • Table extension increases workspace.
  • Great dust collection capabilities.


  • Features and price tag mean it’s not as suitable for beginners.
  • Worktable isn’t completely flat along rear edge.

Overall the SAWSTOP CNS175-TGP236 is a premium model for premium workloads. Its range of features make it versatile and functional in a variety of applications.

While its precision and stability come with a hefty price tag, I feel it’s more than justified once you get your hands on this table saw.

To check prices and availability, click the link below.

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Delta Power Tools 36-5100

Before finding the Delta Power Tools 36-5100 I was unsure whether there was a table saw with the right balance of stability and portability.

Luckily, this is exactly what it offers. While its cast-iron frame weighs in at 260lbs., it has a swivel wheel and two fixed wheels, plus a brake. This makes it really easy to move around the workshop as needed.

The 10” blade has a 30” rip capacity, or a 15” rip capacity when tilted fully to the left. Along with its extension wings, this means it’s capable of handling large materials with ease.

Its riving knife and single-piece rail system allow for precision every time. Combine this with the 15A, 1.75HP motor, and you have the right combination of power and accuracy.

In short, this makes it a suitable option for workers who need to make fast rip cuts but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

The 36-5100 may have fewer safety features than some other models, but it’s still got you covered. It features anti-kickback pawls, blade brake stops, and a large, easily accessible power switch.

While you do need to assemble this table saw, it’s pretty easy to do so. The saw assembles with guide tubes, which makes it super easy to correct misalignments.

My only critique of the 36-5100 is that the dust port has a 2” valve. Over time, it can become clogged quite easily. My solution was to adapt it to drop into a bin instead, and this seemed to solve the issue.

Power15 Amp
Rip Fence Capacity30 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPMN/A
Capacity at 90°3 1/2 inch
Warranty 5 year


  • Great combination of stability and portability.
  • Ideal for those who need to move it around.
  • Large rip capacity handles most materials.
  • Extendable work surface offers versatility.


  • Dust port gets clogged quite easily.

Overall, the Delta Power Tools 36-5100 is a good choice for those who need a table saw with mobility. While you sacrifice a bit of power for this, the difference really isn’t noticeable.

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Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw

I often have a certain allegiance to reputable tool manufacturers, which is what drew me to the Powermatic 1791230K. Unsurprisingly, it met my expectations.

The 10” blade offers a whopping 50” rip capacity, which is much more than other hybrid table saws. Luckily, the adjustment handles are good quality, which is useful considering you’ll be using them repeatedly.

Similarly, the fence is high quality and sturdy. It’s a Biesemeyer design, which offers great accuracy and stability, even after regular use. As this is one of the main working components, it’s helpful to know the quality is there.

While the motor is only 1.75HP, it still offers enough power to cut through hard and soft wood up to 1.5” with little difficulty.

In terms of safety features, you’ll find the standard blade guard and riving knife. The guard is clear and doesn’t impact the tool’s functionality at all.

The same is true for the riving knife, which is set very close to the blade for maximum control over kickback. Also, it adjusts with the blade, which saves you another job.

Perhaps one of my favorite features is the table’s quality. It’s made from ground cast iron, meaning it’s very smooth and flat. Also, it’s a solid table so has great stability and vibration reduction.

The miter gauge is a rack-and-pinion design that offers great flexibility and control. Add to this the extendable worktable and you’ve got plenty of control over your working space and capacity.

The only real letdown I found was dust collection, but this is to be expected on a table saw. Providing you account for dust escaping through the table, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Rip Fence Capacity50 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPM3800
Capacity at 90°3 1/8 inch
Warranty 5 year


  • Noticeably high quality design.
  • Table is flat and sturdy.
  • Fence remains useful even after a long time.
  • Safety features don’t distract.


  • Dust collection is lacking.

The Powermatic 1791230K is a good choice for those wanting to stick with a reputable brand name. While it isn’t always the case, Powermatic lives up to its reputation with the quality and design of this table saw.

Find the latest prices and availability by clicking the link below.

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Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

If, like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve your cutting precision, the Rockwell RK7241S might be for you.

The adjustable laser is perhaps the most obvious feature. It’s useful for finding the correct angles quickly and accurately, which saves loads of time when lining up miter cuts.

Also, its extendable table makes it useful for cutting large pieces of material. This makes it a good option for cabinetry, flooring, roofing, and more.

It also offers exceptional cutting depth – up to 9/16”. Combined with the 30” rip capacity and 4,800RPM, this gives you great flexibility over the size of your work pieces.

Unlike some other models, the RK7241S is a good option for taking to jobsites. Weighing in at 88lbs., it’s highly portable.

But this does mean some sacrifices. The trolley folds, which means you lose some stability. Also, some parts are plastic, which reduces quality slightly.

That said, the saw comes with a standard 2-year warranty that covers you if anything does go wrong (which is unlikely).

The RK7241S comes with standard safety features (blade guard and riving knife). If you’re a beginner, though, make sure you’re familiar with correct procedures. Unlike some other models, the lack of innovative safety features means you have to rely more on your own experience.

To keep up its portability, the RK7241S comes with a dust collection bag. This is a good feature because it’s much better at containing dust than a vac tube. Just remember to empty the bag, though.

Other than the plastic parts, my only negative is the noise level. It’s quite a bit louder than other models. But if you use it outdoors (as is the intention), this is less of a problem.

Rip Fence Capacity30 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPM4800
Capacity at 90°3 9/16 inch
Warranty 2 year


  • Portable design makes it useful for taking to jobsites.
  • Great cutting depth and blade speed.
  • Adjustable laser improves accuracy.
  • Affordable price makes it a good entry-level option.


  • Folding legs reduce stability.
  • Some casing parts are plastic – reduces durability.

Overall, the Rockwell RK7241S is a good option for hobbyists and professionals, particularly for novices. But more experienced users might be put off by its comparative lack of stability.

That said, it’s still a good quality option for those who need portability and deeper cutting across a wide range of materials.

Click the link below to check current prices and availability.

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LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36” Rip 110V

When searching for a good hybrid table saw, dust collection is something that always features high on my list.

The LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion offers superior dust collection as part of its dustless cabinet design. The 4” port is found on the cabinet’s side, meaning there’s much less chance of dust getting everywhere while cutting.

The 10” blade is trunion mounted and features micro-adjustment settings for improved accuracy. It has a maximum speed of 4,500RPM and easily handles even hardwoods.

What’s more, its 36” rip capacity and table extension gives great flexibility over the size of material. It’s really easy to cut even large pieces of lumber with excellent control.

Safety features include a blade guard, riving knife, thermal overload, and dust shroud. 

It also has a simple yet effective anti-kickback setup. In short, you’ve got a good combination of safety and precision with this model.

The rails and fence are well-built and high quality, which further adds to precision. Also, the plate is cut through with the blade, meaning you have a zero-clearance plate.

One of my favorite features is the table saw’s mobility. While it weighs 240lbs., it comes with a mobility kit of 4 wheels and is surprisingly easy to move around.

But this is also its major downfall. 2 of the wheels are static, meaning you have less control moving around small spaces. Providing you don’t have to move it too often, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

Rip Fence Capacity36 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPM3800
Capacity at 90°3 1/8 inch
Warranty 1 year


  • High quality design.
  • Heavy but easy to move.
  • Can handle hard and soft wood with ease.
  • Straightforward but functional.
  • Superior dust collection.


  • Requires adjustment during assembly.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Louder than other models.

The LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion is a good choice if you want an affordable but entirely functional hybrid table saw. It offers the right combination of accuracy and precision but with good mobility too.

You can find the latest prices and availability by clicking the link below.

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RIDGID R4512 10” 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw

Before finding the RIDGID R4512, I was unsure whether there was an affordable and versatile option for those who didn’t need everyday use from their table saw.

In short, that’s what it offers. It’s great for those who don’t need a table saw regularly but still want great functionality and accuracy.

The 13A motor offers 3.8HP and a maximum speed of 3,450RPM. While this is slower than some other models, it’s still enough to rip through hardwoods with ease.

It offers a 30” rip capacity and cutting depth of 3.25” at 90 degrees, and 2.25” at 45 degrees. This should be enough for most cutting jobs. 

Its tabletop is a decent size and made from cast iron. This gives it extra stability. Also, it has storage underneath for a few tools, which is a useful feature you won’t often find.

The saw features a T-glide fence system that offers a good level of accuracy. But if you’re a professional using it every day, there’s definitely a more accurate model out there for you.

Also, the fence runs smoothly and locks securely. It has both front and back locks, meaning it won’t go anywhere while cutting.

There’s plenty of adjustability to be found. The table and blade height can be adjusted, and the miter can be changed with ease. 

Regarding safety features, the R4512 has a transparent blade guard and anti-kickback system. Importantly, these don’t impact functionality, which is a great help.

The power button is well placed but smaller than some other models. This can become an issue in emergency situations. But providing you’re familiar with its location it shouldn’t be a problem.

It weighs in at 267lbs. but comes with a portability kit. The wheels aren’t the greatest quality; so don’t rely on this as a jobsite table saw.

Power13 Amp
Rip Fence Capacity30 inch
Blade Size10 inch
Unloaded RPM3450
Capacity at 90°3 1/4 inch
Warranty 3 year


  • Good option for less regular use.
  • On-board storage is a big plus.
  • Tabletop is spacious and solid.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Versatile for roofing, flooring, cabinetry, etc.


  • Not the best option for everyday professionals.
  • Wheels reduce mobility.

In short, the RIDGID R4512 offers enough accuracy and functionality for hobbyists. But its not really designed for everyday use, so professionals will want to look elsewhere.

Overall, though, it offers good cutting power and a large rip capacity. It’ll be a good addition to most workshops.

Check the latest prices and availability by clicking the link below.

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What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

A hybrid table saw combines the benefits of cabinet saws and contractor saws. They feature an enclosed cabinet, which offers stability, but with the less expensive mechanics of a contractor saw. A hybrid table saw is versatile and sturdy, yet affordable.

While specific designs vary, a hybrid table saw generally includes:

  • A cast iron worktop.
  • Enclosed cabinet.
  • Extension table.
  • A lower HP motor.

A hybrid table saw is often considered to be the hobbyist’s version of a cabinet saw.

This is only true in the sense that the motor is less powerful, yet they make suitable professional tools.

For more information I recommend you check out this video on hybrid table saws.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hybrid Table Saw for Your Job

Choosing a new power tool requires lots of consideration. You need to ensure it’s suited to the job at hand, as functionality differs between machines.

Generally, though, you’ll find the differences in things like motor power and speed, cutting depth, and rip capacity.

But as you probably know, these are important factors. For example, a roofer will require a different cutting depth to a cabinetmaker.

Also, consider your ability level when choosing. Some hybrid table saws are better for beginners who need fewer functions and clearer processes.

To help you make the best decision, here’s my rundown of things to consider when choosing the best hybrid table saw for your job.

Power, Speed, and Torque

Power and speed are obviously important when buying a table saw. A more powerful motor will make it easier to cut through harder woods. Generally, you’ll find motors between 0.75HP and 2HP. This is more than enough for a hobbyist or DIY enthusiast.

Some hybrid table saws reach 4HP, which is a better range for professionals who need more power. Depending on your job, you should only need a maximum of 2HP from a hybrid table saw. This is enough to cut through a range of lumber with speed and control.

But finding the right balance between speed and torque is also key. Where you land on this scale depends on what you’ll be cutting.

Saw speed is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). The minimum you’ll want on a good hybrid table saw is around 3,400RPM. But as you increase speed, you decrease torque. This is the turning force of the motor. 

Higher torque (and lower speed) gives you better cutting ability through hardwood, while low torque and high speed is fine for softwood. Other factors you might want to consider are variable speed and soft start.

Variable speed is obvious: you have the ability to control the saw’s RPM. This gives you greater flexibility over which materials you can cut efficiently.

Soft start, again, is fairly obvious. It simply builds up power and speed over a short period of time. 

This is a useful feature if you don’t have a dedicated power outlet and is kinder to the saw’s electrical parts.

Not all table saws come with this option. But if you have some electrical knowledge, you can add it yourself.


Hybrid table saws come in either belt-drive or direct-drive types. Direct-drive motors are more common on portable models and offer up to 2HP.

Belt-drive is a more powerful but heavier variation. It can deliver up to 5HP and is much quieter.

A belt-drive table saw is better than a direct-drive because it offers more power and greater flexibility. But a direct-drive table saw offers enough power for a hobbyist, and gives you the option of moving your saw more easily.


Accuracy is a fundamental consideration for almost any power tool. You want to be able to make all manner of cuts without losing quality.

Of course, some jobs need greater accuracy then others. For example, cabinetmakers need more consistent accuracy than, say, a roofer making rip cuts. It’s dependent on a range of features, including the miter gauge, blade alignment, fence, and riving knife.

But with hybrid table saws, it’s worth considering the tabletop too. Most are made from cast iron, and some are even ground to a clean finish.

Cast iron adds weight, which reduces vibration. Overall, this leads to more accurate cuts because the saw isn’t moving as much. Surprisingly, cast iron can sag over time. To avoid this you’ll want a solid tabletop that’s high quality.

Generally speaking, table saws from reputable manufacturers will be more accurate because they’re simply higher quality.

Price impacts this too, but be wary of basing your assumptions entirely off the price tag.

Blade Size and Cutting Depth

Blade size and cutting depth are dependent on the size of materials you plan to cut.

Hybrid table saws usually have a 10” blade. This has a cutting depth of around 3”, although some can cut to nearly 4”. A 12”, while rarer, can cut to about 4” deep as standard.

Decide what kind of materials you’ll be cutting most to make this decision. 

To an extent, you’ll need to consider the arbor when choosing a hybrid table saw. This is particularly true if you plan on buying new blades for different materials.

Hybrid table saws usually have an arbor of 5/8”.

Fence and Stop Adjustments

The fence is an important part on a table saw. It’s the guide against which you hold the material. Your chosen table saw should have a sturdy fence that can withstand plenty of use.

They’re often made from aluminum, but this can bend or dent. Alternatively, more expensive models might have a die-cast fence. These are sturdier and more reliable.

Accuracy also depends on the fence’s stop adjustments. Being able to lock them securely in place reduces the chances of your fence moving while cutting.

A good hybrid table saw will feature front and back stop adjustments. 1 is fine, but 2 is much better.

Extension Table

Not all table saws come with an extension table, but they’re a useful feature. As you can imagine, they allow you to work with larger pieces of material with greater ease.

If you’re going to be working on varying sizes of material, an extension table is a no-brainer. But pay attention to its features. A foldout table might not offer the stability and durability you need.

An extension table that you can disconnect completely and store elsewhere will generally be sturdier.

Dust Removal

As with any cutting tool, dust removal is vital. Without it, you risk compromising your workspace, reducing accuracy, and impacting safety.

A hybrid table saw with a cabinet generally offers better dust removal because it collects within the cabinet. An open table saw has more potential for the dust to fly around.

Most hybrid table saws connect to a 4” shop vac using a port. Some use a dust collection bag, which is just as good.

While dust collection is entirely optional, it’s definitely worth considering for greater accuracy and safety.

Safety Features

Safety features are something to look out for when buying a table saw. It should have a blade guard and riving knife as standard, but extra features like a saw brake and emergency reset are just as useful.

Riving knife

The riving knife is designed to stop the 2 pieces of cut wood from joining up again. If this happens, it causes the lumber to pinch and kick back. This is especially common with rip cuts.

The riving knife is located after the blade (the other side to you) and is mounted to the trunnion.

Riving knives are a standard feature on hybrid table saws. You’ll want to find a model that adjusts the riving knife in relation to the blade to maintain safety.

Anti-kickback Pawls

This feature pretty much explains itself. They fit over the lumber and prevent it from kicking back.

They’re not found on all table saws, so if safety is a high priority then look out for them.

Alternatively, you can buy and install your own.

Blade Guard

A blade guard is another ubiquitous safety feature. But there’s plenty of variation on the market.

It sits over the blade and stops you from getting too close and from debris flying up.

Look for a transparent blade guard as standard. Also, ensure it’s high quality to reduce the chance of scratches and damage.

Sawstop Brake

A sawstop brake is designed to register contact with the human body. It passes an electrical charge through the blade. When this signal is disrupted, it turns the power off.

It works within 5 milliseconds and offers some of the best emergency protection out there.

But it’s not featured on all hybrid table saws. Look out for it if safety is a high priority.


Hopefully this guide has given you some answers as to which is the best hybrid table saw.

While there’s plenty of variation on the market, it’s always worth basing your decision on your specific needs.

Of course, my top pick is the Shop Fox W1837. It’s flexible, sturdy, and accurate, while offering the level of safety you need from a power tool. What’s more, it’s surprisingly affordable.

If this isn’t the one for you, hopefully my buying guide has equipped you with the knowledge needed to make a good decision.

Do you agree with my picks? Or is there a different standout table saw for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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