About us

Hi there, my name’s Nathan James and I’m a mechanical engineer with an obsession with tools and DIY. Engineering came naturally to me from a young age, always being fixated with knowing how things work and making things. This has followed me right through to adulthood where tools feed my love of technical innovation and DIY lets me scratch an itch by creating things with my bare hands.

While I’ve had a lot of exposure to all sorts of tools in my professional life I didn’t truly find my passion for DIY until I became a homeowner. Newly married and on a tight budget my wife and I had to settle for a bit of a fixer upper. Now while I was no stranger to tools, I’d never even thought of doing work on a house.

It wasn’t until we started getting quotes for all the work we needed doing that our dream home started to feel less like a reality. That’s until I started talking to some friends in the trade and reading information online and started to think maybe this is something I could do.

Over the last 4 years I’ve managed to transform our shell of a house into the family home we’ve always dreamt of and learnt a load on the way.

Now I’m not going to lie and say you can become a top rate handyman from reading a few things online, there’s a reason tradesmen spend years perfecting their craft. But it’s definitely possible to learn all you need to know to get started.

And that’s the aim of my website, to provide the ultimate resource to ensure my readers have the knowledge to carry out and select the right tools for any home improvement task. This will enable anyone, no matter their level of experience, to carry out home improvements safely while they develop their skills and build their dream home.