The 9 Best Table Saws in 2023 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Having one of the best table saws on the market is vital if you’re regularly working with wood in your workshop or garage. A table saw is worth its weight in gold as you can use it to make a range of cuts in various materials.

Use a table saw to cut large pieces of wood, including 2×4, aluminum sheeting, plastic, brass, and more. It cuts better and more accurately than a circular saw, and with the right technique, you can make cross-cuts, rip cuts, beveled edges, and angled cuts. 

The choice of table saws is vast, but to save you some time, I’ve researched what’s currently available and condensed your options down to nine of the best table saws. If you’re eager to get started on your next project, my top pick is the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite (DWE7485). Jump right in because it’s one of the best currently available.

My Top Picks for the Best Table Saws

I’ve scrutinized many different factors in compiling this list, such as horsepower, blade size and cutting depth, fence options, rip capacity, availability of other features, woodworking tasks, and value. My deliberations have resulted in a list of the following high-quality products.

Top Pick Contractor Table Saw – DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite (DWE7485)

This benchtop table saw from Dewalt is aimed at the home DIYer and hobbyist. It provides excellent value for money, which is one of the reasons it’s at the top of my list. Many characteristics of its design make it stand out from the competition, and the reliability you can expect from such a well-known brand is hard to beat. 

It weighs a mere 46 pounds, and a powerful 15 amp motor drives it. The rip capacity is 24½”. Maximum cutting depths and load speed are equally impressive. When working at a 90-degree angle, the maximum cutting depth is 3 ⅛”. At a 45-degree angle, the depth angle maxes out at 2 ¼”. 

With a load speed of 5,800 RPM, you can expect this table saw to produce accurate and quick cuts. 

An interesting additional feature is the metal roll cage base, which provides extra durability and strength. Rear feet also allow you to change the machine’s height, which is useful if the surfaces you work on are uneven. 

The only issue you might have with this table saw is that there’s no stand. The fix is easy enough. You just buy one. 

Speed5800 RPM
Blade Diameter8 1/4 inches
Rip Capacity 24.5 inches
Cut Depth2 9/16 inches
Warranty3 year


  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Stable to work with.
  • Large rip capacity.
  • Onboard storage for accessories.


  • It doesn’t come with a stand.

If you’re looking for an affordable table saw and your cutting work is typically small or average-sized, the DEWALT DWE7485 should meet your needs. It’s very portable and has the power to cut a range of materials, including wood and plastic. Any job you want to throw at it, this table saw is likely to be able to handle it. 

If you’d like more details or want to make a purchase, click on the following link.

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Runner up Contractor Table Saw – Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

This table saw has the design and attributes to satisfy both professionals and hobbyists It also includes a 15 amp motor, but the power it delivers comes in a little lower than my #1 choice at just 4,800 RPM. 

There are some outstanding safety features: two kickbacks, dual-sized guards, and a very functional blade guard. Safety should be a priority when choosing a table saw because they have the potential to cause serious injuries.

Compared to other models, this table saw has more qualities that enable you to make precise cuts, including a rip fence, miter gauge, and a 32” blade.

Maximum cuts you can expect will be 3 9/16” inches when cutting at a 90-degree angle and 2 ½” at an angle of 45 degrees. Rip capacity is 25”.

Weighing in at 82 pounds, this table saw is on the heavy side, which could make moving it around an issue. It doesn’t come with a wheeled base either, so you’ll need to draft in some help if you want to move it.

The lack of a dust collecting system, however, is the main reason it’s a runner-up. There could be issues with a build-up of dust inside that will eventually hamper the blade. The solution is to clean the tool using an air compressor periodically.

Speed4800 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 25 inches
Cut Depth3 9/16 inches
Warranty1 year


  • Additional safety features.
  • The accurate and precise cutting action.
  • Has an electric break.
  • Compact design.


  • No dust collection system

This table saw is a convenient size and packs enough of a punch for most projects. Safety aspects have been carefully incorporated into the design, which can be reassuring for beginners. The power output might be a little lower than you’d like, but it can still make some impressive cuts. 

Click on the link below for more info or to purchase this table saw from Amazon.

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Best Value Table Saw – Delta 36-6013 10 Inch Table Saw

With its 15 amp motor, this table saw from Delta should handle most types of hardwood and treated timber. It’s got a 25” rip capacity, which means you’ll be able to use it to rip large stock.

It has a sturdy one-piece rail system, which together with the fence system ensures the most precise of cuts. 

It’s not the heaviest of table saws I’ve featured in my list. Coming in at a shade under 50 pounds makes it relatively portable. The low weight is due in part to the aluminum table.

Cutting depths are 3 ½” at 90 degrees and 2 ½” at 45 degrees, which is comparable with many other table saws. 

A bonus is the dust collection system. There’s no dust bag for collection, but you can attach it to a vacuum for efficient extraction of any dust.

The following video shows how much dust can be a problem for the tool user. 

Speed5000 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 25 inches
Cut Depth3 1/2 inches
Warranty5 year


  • 5-year manufacturers warranty.
  • 25” rip capacity.
  • A lightweight aluminum table improves portability. 


  • It doesn’t come with a dust bag.

This affordable table saw might not have all the bells and whistles of other higher priced saws, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s more than capable of cutting long objects accurately. The generous warranty is worth taking into account, as it’s a sign that the company is confident in its quality. 

For prices and other details, click on the link below. 

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Top Pick Portable Table Saw – DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)

This DEWALT DWE7491RS is an excellent example of why the brand is a contractor’s favorite. Virtues that make it popular with professionals include the 2” dust collection port, rolling stand that allows for easy breakdown and set up, and superior wheels so you can roll the table saw over uneven surfaces. 

It’s a standard 15 amp motor that powers this table saw, but it gets the blade spinning at 4,800 RPM, which means you’re able to cut heavy hardwoods. The rip capacity of 32 ½” to the right and 22” to the left is slightly more than some of the other table saws.

At 90 degrees, you’ll get 1 ⅛” depth of cut, while at 45 degrees, you get 4 ¼” depth of cut. The rip fence is flippable, giving you two cutting positions, one for cutting narrower material.

This model’s accessories include a push stick, rack and pinion fence system, and a miter gauge. The safety equipment is very basic, for example, a clear set of guards to shield your hands from the exposed blade. These guards also lock when raised, so you can see the blade when adjusting its height. 

With its rolling stand, this table saw is mighty heavy, weighing 110 pounds. Even with its wheels, you may need a helping hand when trying to move it. 

Speed4800 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 32 1/2 inches
Cut Depth3 1/8 inches
Warranty3 year


  • 32 ½” rip capacity.
  • 2” dust collection port.
  • Rolling stand.
  • DEWALT rack and pinion fence system.


  • Cumbersome to move around, even with its rolling system.

This solid table saw should give you years of faithful service, coming as it does from a well-respected manufacturer. One of the most significant advantages of this saw is its enormous 32 ½” rip capacity. Strong points such as tool-free adjustments and on-board accessory storage help to make it easy and efficient to use.

For information about this product, click on the link below. 

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Runner Up Portable Table Saw – Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw

The 4100-10 supersedes the Bosch 4100-09 model, with some noticeable improvements. A mighty 4 HP motor powers the saw, giving out 15 amps of power and a top speed of 3,650 RPM. 

Setting up and transporting the saw is a walk in the park as it utilizes Bosch’s very own Gravity-Rise stand.

Watch this video if you’d like to learn more about this stand and how it works with other power tools. 

The table saw’s rip capacity is 25”. Cutting depths are 3 ⅛” maximum at 90 degrees and a maximum of 2 ½” at 45 degrees.

Now, the blade’s speed is lower than many table saws, which might be considered a downside by some. However, it just means you might need to feed some materials into the blade slowly. 

Speed3650 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 25 inches
Cut Depth3 1/8 inches
Warranty1 year


  • The gravity rise stand makes this a very portable saw.
  • Quick-release components making set up swift and easy.
  • The soft start feature gets the tool up to speed quickly.


  • Low speed requires patience.

If you don’t require a huge rip capacity, this table saw from Bosch is more than adequate. Its wheeled stand and gravity system allows you to move it around the most uneven surfaces with ease. The stand is also adjustable, which is a great feature if you’re taller than average. 

Click on the link below for pricing information and other details. 

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Best Performance Table Saw – SKILSAW SPT99-11 10″ Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw

I’ve chosen to include this worm drive table saw from Skilsaw because, for many people, getting as much bang for your buck is a deciding factor. As you can probably guess, this table saw is powered by a worm-drive motor. What this means is that you get more torque than you get from a direct drive motor. This is especially noticeable when making rip cuts through 2x and 4x materials.

Watch this video for a closer look at how a worm gear motor works.

Another beneficial feature is the rolling wheel stand, dedicated emission and dust collection system, and an array of tools you can use for cutting through hefty materials such as pressure-treated sheets. 

This saw uses a rack and pinion fence system and a fence lock system that ensures the fence sits tight while you’re cutting. The fence system might feel a little sticky to start with, but once you’ve used it a few times, it gets much smoother. 

This tool’s ripping capacity is up to 30 ½,” and the depth of cut is 3 5/8” at 90 degrees and 2 3/10” at 45 degrees.

Some of the components used in this saw feel somewhat flimsy. What this means is that you have to take a little more care when using the saw.

Speed5000 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 30 1/2 inches
Cut Depth3 5/8 inches
Warranty1 year


  • Worm drive motor for better torque.
  • 30 ½” rip capacity.
  • Rolling stand.
  • Wide range of accessories.


  • Fragile components.

With its dedicated emission and dust collection systems, this table saw is clean and comfortable to work with. The worm drive motor and gearing system deliver the power right when you need it. Its rip capacity is a little higher than average, which means you’re not going to be limited by the size of your pieces.

For more information about this product and pricing, click on the link below. 

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Top Pick Cabinet Table Saw – SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS175-TGP252)

This is a saw that’s aimed at professional woodworkers, and it excels in the performance department. It has a powerful 14 amp motor that generates 1.75 HP. 

Safety might have been a concern with such a high powered saw, but this model includes the SawStop patented safety system and makes it one of the safest table saws currently on the market.

The blade stops spinning immediately if it comes into contact with the skin and drops below the table. Such a feature minimizes potentially life-changing injuries. 

Watch this system in action: 

It’s not the most powerful cabinet table saw, but all this means is that you have to be more patient when you’re feeding denser hardwoods. The blade speed is only 4,000 RPM. 

Rip capacity is a staggering 52” to the right of the blade. Although it’s not quite so spectacular to the left. 

One big downside with this tool is that it’s clearly not portable, but would this be an issue if you wanted a table saw for your workshop?

Speed5000 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 52 inches
Cut Depth3 1/8 inches
Warranty2 year


  • Very efficient safety system.
  • Powerful 14 amp motor.
  • 52” rip capacity.
  • Patented blade break.


  • High price.

If you’re looking for a beast of a table saw for your woodworking projects, this SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw is unlikely to disappoint. The rip cut capacity is impressive, and the safety system means you’ll be more confident using such a powerful saw. For additional info and pricing details, click on the link below.

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Runner up Cabinet Table Saw – Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

Featuring a 3 HP Leeson motor, cast iron table and winds, cast iron trunnions, and triple belt drive, this table saw is going to be long lasting. It includes several useful qualities, such as a magnetic switch, cast handwheels, 4” dust collection connection, Camlock t-fence, and a riving knife. 

The saw’s rip capacity is 29 ½,” and because it’s a smaller table saw, there’s no extension table or added legs for supporting the unit. The materials used in the construction, however, allow it to sit well and firmly on the ground.

Several safety features keep the potential of injury to a minimum. On each side of the spreader, there are anti-kickback pawls, a blade guard, and a clear polycarbonate shield. 

Since the blade is tiltable, ranging from zero to 45 degrees, you can use it for cutting  compound miters, chamfers, and bevels. To adjust the blade, you loosen up the blade tilt lock and turn the handwheel until you’ve got the angle at which you want to cut. 

Weighing in at a massive 527 pounds, it’s not the lightest of table saws, but it does lend itself well to being a static saw in a woodworking shop or garage. If you ever need to move it, you may need a forklift.

Speed4300 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity29 1/2 inches
Cut Depth3 1/8 inches
Warranty2 Year


  • Mighty 3HP motor.
  • Cast iron construction.
  • Effective dust collecting system.
  • Outstanding measuring tools.


  • Not portable.

If power and performance are essential and you take your woodworking seriously, you won’t have to compromise with this Shop Fox table saw. The price tag is high, but you’re getting lots of characteristics for your money. 

Click on the link below if you want to purchase from Amazon or find more information. 

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Best Professional Table Saw – Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

The sturdy design and size of this table saw make it large enough and durable enough to handle large pieces of wood and other workpieces. Even though it’s such a beast, there are properties that make it convenient and easy to use. 

Its cast-iron base means you’ve got to have space and be able to support the unit. It’s not highly portable, so make sure you get it in the right spot the first time. It does have some wheels if you need them, but 465 pounds is a lot of machine to move around. 

The top speed of the 1.75 HP motor is 4,200 RPM, which means it should be able to handle most projects you throw at it. The table is also on the large side, 20 x 27 inches, so it accommodates larger pieces.

Table saws can be noisy things to work with. They also create a lot of vibration, which over long periods can make the workplace uncomfortable. Powermatic uses a poly v belt, which dramatically reduces vibration. The motor is also quiet and efficient.

The dust collection system on this model lets it down. There’s just not enough air intake to deliver sufficient suction to collect all the dust. To get around this, a standard solution is to fit a replacement or clean up the work surface more often. I should also mention that no saw blade is included.  

Speed4200 RPM
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip Capacity 52 inches
Cut Depth2 1/8 inches @ 45°
Warranty5 year


  • Vibration is reduced.
  • Workspace area is more than ample.
  • Durable construction.


  • Saw blade not included.
  • No dust collection system.

This robust table saw will help make many of your projects effortless, accurate, and precise. Considerable investment is required, but you should get a lot in return. It has some excellent safety attributes, is very stable, can be moved around using the onboard wheels, and comes with a comprehensive user guide. 

You can find out a whole lot more about this product by clicking on the following link.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Table Saw for Your Job

You should weigh up many factors before you start looking for the best table saw. To help you understand what you need to look for, I created this buyer’s guide. 

What Are the Different Types of Table Saws?

Table saws have the same basic functions, but they differ in their power, best use, and design. Three of the most common types are contractor, portable, and cabinet table saws.

Contractor Table Saw

This is also often referred to as a jobsite table. They usually have a rolling stand, which makes them portable. Users of this type of saw tend to be professionals or serious DIYers that need a saw they can take on-site rather than keep it in a workshop. The cost of a contractor table saw depends on power and quality. 

Portable Table Saw

Portability is an essential feature of this type of table saw. They tend to weigh around fifty pounds, are made from aluminum and steel, and can be carried around and used in situ where they are needed most. Most have direct-drive motors that produce no more than 2 HP.

A stand is an essential part of a table saw that’s not secured to a worktop or bench. These portable saws tend to include a stand you can collapse, rollers, or wheels. 

This type of saw is ideal for home use because of its transportability and ease of use. The price also makes it an excellent saw for the beginner. 

Cabinet Table Saw

These saws are the most powerful of the bunch and often at the higher end of the price bracket. A cabinet under the table is where the motor sits, and it also acts as a stand. The table generally extends so you can work with larger sheets of material. 

You commonly find cabinet saws in industrial or professional workshops, but serious home woodworkers might find them a worthwhile investment. 

Power, Speed, and Torque

These are important considerations because they will affect the type of material you can cut using your table saw. Power affects the speed at which the cutting disk rotates, the type and size of material you can safely cut, and the cutting depth. 


If you’re planning to work with a range of materials and want to make various cuts, look for a saw that has 1000 watts of power, at least. HP defines how well a table saw will bite into the material you’re cutting, while amps indicate how well it will cut under load.


A speed regulator will be a useful addition because you’ll be able to adjust the level of power. If, for example, you want to cut acrylics or plastic, you need to use a slower cutting speed to reduce the chance of cracking.

Soft start is another useful feature because it reduces the inrush current significantly. That results in increased safety, savings on electricity consumption, less mechanical stress, and breaker tripping is prevented. 

If you’d like to know more about soft starters, watch this video. 


Torque is a twisting force that causes rotation. A fast motor is not necessarily best because of the way the saw’s motor works. Increased revs tend to mean a reduction in torque which can be a problem because you want maximum torque.

Finding the optimum balance between RPM and torque is something designers struggle with. The ideal balance is enough speed to complete the task in hand with the maximum torque.  

Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive

Does the type of drive matter when you’re purchasing a table saw? Both have their pros and cons, but if you buy the wrong one, it might not be up to the tasks you’re looking to do. 

With direct drive, the motor is attached directly to the blade. All the motor’s power is transferred to the blade directly., so the tool needs less horsepower to complete the work. 

Direct drive tends to mean less vibration, which helps with accuracy and makes the saw more comfortable to use. Although they are often noisier to work with

A belt-driven table saw utilizes a v-belt together with a pulley system to transfer power to the blade. Some of the power is lost in this transfer, but there are some benefits. 

Belt-drive saws can cut thicker hardwoods because the power system is smaller and leaves more room for you to extend the blade. There is less build-up of sawdust because the location of the motor is further from the blade. It also allows the machine to run cooler, thereby reducing the risk of heat build-up and subsequent damage. 


Table saws are fairly accurate cutting tools, but there are things you can do to make improvements. It’s also a case of setting the tool up correctly. You should make adjustments to the blade’s height and its angle. 

For accurate straight cutting or ripping, a table saw requires a precise and dependable rip fence. It has to be sturdy so that it provides adequate support. 

Being able to adjust it accurately is also crucial. You can make further improvements by using a sliding table accessory as it gives additional support. 

Maximum Rip Capacity

A good rule to follow is to choose a table saw with a rip capacity that fits the type of wood you’ll be cutting. If it’s going to be wide boards or plywood, the max rip capacity should be at least 24”. If you’re not anticipating anything larger than this, less than 24” should be adequate.

You’ll often find rip capacity advertised as two figures, one for each side of the blade. The greater rip capacity tends to be on the blade’s right side. 

If you add an outfeed or extension table, you’ll be able to increase the rip capacity of your saw significantly. 

Blade Size and Cutting Depth

The most common blade size is 10”, but you might also encounter saws with 8”, 12”, and 14” blades. Saws are generally rated for a particular size, but you can use smaller ones. On the other hand, never use a blade that is larger than the rating of your saw. 

It’s also possible to interchange table and miter saw blades, as long as the size matches. 

Cutting depth is dependent on the size of the blade. Generally, you’d expect a 10” blade to cut to a depth of 3”, whereas a 12” blade will cut to around 4” deep.

Several other factors can affect a saw’s cutting depth, for example, the blade raising mechanism and how high the blade raises. 

A buildup of dust can also affect the cutting depth. A build up on the rising mechanism prevents it from reaching its greatest height.

Fence and Stop Adjustments

Aim to get the most solid rip fence for your budget. You should also be able to easily move it sideways, lock it tightly, and connect jigs to it effortlessly.

Most table saws come with a T-square fence as standard, which is suitable for most cuts. Some come with specialty fences, such as a micro-adjust fence. This type of fence allows you to modulate the size of your cut. 

Fences that extend might also be available. These slide out or fold to fit larger pieces of wood.

A feature of some fences is an embedded magnifier. This allows you to see the configuration marker better when you’re making adjustments to the fence. 

Dust Removal

If you plan to use your table saw outside, a dust removal system is not so essential. At the same time, when you work inside, it’s a different story. Breathing in sawdust can damage your lungs, so dust collection is crucial.

Collecting the wood dust efficiently also leaves you with a clean work surface to work on.

Many models have an integral collection system that allows you to connect a vacuum to the saw using a connect adapter. Older models tend not to have this feature, but you might be able to purchase an aftermarket addition. 

Safety Features

A table saw has a 10” blade that spins at several thousand RPM. When you use it, your fingers come within inches of it, so safety is paramount. Table saws have many additions designed to minimize the risk of potential injury

Riving Knife

A riving knife is attached to the same mechanism as the saw’s blade, thereby moving together with the blade. It also stops you from touching the back of the blade, and protects you from kickback.

Blade Guard

This safety feature protects your fingers from the spinning blade. If it’s not made from plexiglass, it can make it difficult to see and measure the cuts. It also makes blade changing and removing a blockage more time-consuming. However, it will save your fingers. 

SawStop Brake

SawStop is a patented safety feature that stops a saw’s blade almost immediately it detects that it’s touched human skin. The technology used detects the change in an electrical signal because the human body conducts these signals more easily than wood. 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission awarded the developers of this feature a Chairman’s Commendation


The best table saw for your workshop is going to depend on what you need it for. Purchasing the right one means you’ll be able to safely, correctly, and efficiently complete a range of cutting jobs. Most table saws do similar basic things, but there are subtle differences to consider. 

A portable table saw fits the bill for portability and ease of use, but for more complex projects, a contractor or cabinet saw would be more versatile and heavy-duty. 

I highly recommend all nine products in my list, but if you want me to put my finger on a particular one that I consider to be the best table saw on the market today, I’m going to put forward the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite (DWE7485).

It’s a powerful table saw that can give you accurate cuts, comes with all the essential safety features and includes onboard storage. You can set it up anywhere and it has a sizable rip capacity. 

I'm a mechanical engineer by trade but my passions are woodworking, tools and DIY.

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