The 8 Best Masonry Drill Bits in 2023 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Are you looking to drill through hard materials like brick, cinder blocks, or perhaps glass? Are you worried the drill bits you have at home won’t do? Unless you already have a set of decent masonry bits the chances are that they won’t. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m reviewing eight of the best masonry drill bits on the market today. You’ll also learn what to look for when selecting the right masonry drill bits for your job.

My Top Picks for the Best Masonry Drill Bits

For those in a hurry, my top pick of the day is the DEWALT DW5207. Otherwise, here’s a quick look at the full list:

Top Pick — DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion 7-Piece (DW5207)

I wanted to find the ultimate masonry drill bits suitable for all high-density materials. The DEWALT DW5207 masonry drill bits set is at the top of my list.

The DEWALT masonry drill bits are ultra-sharp, enabling them to bore straight through tough materials. Whether it’s brick, concrete, or stone. Additionally, DEWALT has a long history of quality products, which is what always draws me in to take a look.

What’s more, the drill bits are made in Germany and are long-lasting; they offer outstanding performance, even after repeated use. You get a rock carbide tip that maximizes drilling efficiency and increases the bits’ longevity.

A great feature is the four-flute design. It enables the bits to clean out debris more efficiently, which is fantastic when drilling in stone as it can get dusty. Another benefit of this shape is that it prevents overheating. So you won’t need to waste time waiting for the bit to cool down or risk burning it out all together.

You can use the drill bits with any electric or cordless hammer drill; the shanks have three flat sides, preventing them from slipping in the chuck.

You’ll receive seven drill bits in this set, measuring from a small 3/16-inch to the large 1/2-inch. If you’re looking to drill bigger holes a better option may be the Makita 7 Piece – SDS-Plus.


  • Made in Germany.
  • Durable carbide tips.
  • Four-flute design.
  • Three flat-sided shanks.


  • Limited size range

If you want a durable, all-around set of drill bits, I highly recommend the DEWALT DW5207. They’re capable of boring through tough materials without creating dust and compromising the tips. For more information, follow the link.

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Top Value Pick — COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set- 7pcs Carbon Steel Carbide Tip Drills

Because masonry drill bits are specialty products, they often come at a higher cost and in smaller bundles. I tried to find an option that included enough bits, is durable, and available for a reasonable price.

For my top value pick, I chose the COMOWARE masonry drill bits set. You’ll receive seven pieces in this bundle, in sizes ranging from 3/16-inch, to 1/2-inch bits. They have varying lengths, between 3.14 to 5.98 inches.

What drove me to this set was the promised durability. The masonry drill bits consist of sturdy, industrial-grade carbon steel. Offering high-quality and exceptional rust-resistance.

The double-flute enables the drill bits to bore more efficiently by removing dust faster.

To optimize the strength of the drill bits, COMOWARE used rock carbide tips. As with the DEWALT, this increases the bits’ longevity. You won’t have to worry about slipping in the chuck, as the bits come with a spiral shank that enhances the fit.

The great thing about these drill bits is their durability. COMOWARE treated them with sandblasting, which enhances their rust-resistance.

When drilling through surfaces like concrete, though, you need to apply a lot of pressure. If you want something that goes a bit smoother, I recommend the DEWALT Masonry Drill Bits Set, Percussion 7-Piece (DW5207.)


  • Decent range of sizes
  • Industrial-grade carbon steel.
  • Rock carbide tips.
  • Spiral shank.
  • Rust-resistant.


  • Requires significant pressure when drilling in hard materials.
  • Tips dull easily on hard materials.

If you have a limited budget—we all do—then the COMOWARE masonry drill bits set is worth a glance. You’ll receive seven bits in various sizes and lengths, made from carbon steel, promising durability. If you want a closer look, follow the link.

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Top Premium Pick — Makita 7 Piece – SDS-Plus Complete Drill Bit Set

Sometimes, you just want to get the creme de la creme of drill bits. For this, I was looking for a set that included standard sizes and exceptional quality.

I chose the Makita seven-piece SDS-plus masonry drill bits set. With this bundle, you’ll get bits ranging from 5/32-inch, 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/4-inch. They come in various lengths and are suited for drilling up to 10 inches in depth.

The bits offer a flute design, allowing them to remove dust efficiently as you drill. This decreases drilling time and increases the longevity of the bits.

Durable, impact resistant carbide tips and the single-piece forged steel construction provide strength and longevity. Offering reliable and easy drilling through tough surfaces. Including reinforced concrete, brick and stone.

The set was constructed in Japan and is compatible with SDS-plus rotary hammer drills.

They are quite pricey, and considering you’ll only receive seven bits, it may not be within everyone’s budget. If you don’t need the drilling capacity, I recommend going back and looking at the DEWALT Percussion 7-Piece (DW5207).


  • Ideal for deep holes
  • Premium tungsten carbide tips.
  • Made from forged steel.


  • Pretty expensive.

If your budget allows for it, the set from Makita is worth a try. The durability is superb, and the size options it provides make it versatile. For a closer look, follow the link.

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Bosch IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I just want to avoid the fuss of having multiple drill bits for various purposes—most of which I never even get to use. So, finding an option that can do it all became my mission for the day, and I’m fairly pleased with the Bosch IMC500.

This set is the perfect option for homeowners who need something versatile. For starters, Bosch is one of the most well-known brands on the construction site, with years of quality products behind it.

The set comprises five pieces in varying sizes, between 5/32-inch and 1/2-inch. There’s a bit for almost every application, whether it’s running cables or hanging a picture.

A great feature is the hex shanks. These allow you to use the them in impact drivers, hammer drills and rotary hammers, offering versatility when boring into masonry.

High-quality carbide heads offer optimized drilling time in tough materials. This is achieved with sharp ground cutting edges, which further enhances their performance. Excellent if you have a large project on your hands.

Bosch includes a steep flute design, enabling the bits to remove dust and debris quicker.

Unfortunately, the tips seem to dull quicker than others, especially when boring through abrasive materials. If you want one specifically for concrete, I suggest that the Makita 7 Piece – SDS-Plus is a better choice.


  • Suitable for a range applications.
  • Hex shanks.
  • High-quality carbide tips.
  • Steep flute design.


  • Tips dull easily on abrasive materials

For those who want a set that can do almost everything, I suggest this bundle from Bosch. The durable carbide tips offer outstanding performance in various materials, although they may suffer in concrete. For more information, please follow the link.

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Bosch HCBG700 7-Piece Blue Granite Masonry Bit Set

These Bosch HCBG700 blue granite hammer drill bits quickly stole my attention. For starters, blue granite, who can resist taking a closer look? And that’s exactly what sets this bundle apart from the rest.

The material used offers superb heat-resistance. The tip is attached using a method which combines low-voltage with high-temperature brazing. The result is a carbide tip that won’t burn out in situations where others would.

The diamond-ground carbide tips, offer outstanding performance in hard materials. Achieving a service life of up to 5 times longer according to Bosch. They also include a softened shank, providing additional gripping power.

Each drill bit offers a milled U-flute design and deep cut spirals. Making drilling less time-consuming and increases your depth control by removing dust and debris.

The only issue with such the razor sharp cutting edge is they tend to wear pretty quickly when drilling abrasive materials like concrete. This is unfortunate but something that can’t be avoided no matter how hard the dill tip material is.

The set offers seven commonly used sizes, including 1/8-inch, 5/32-inch, 3/16-inch, and 1/4-inch, and they come in a storage case.


  • Outstanding heat-resistance.
  • Diamond ground carbide tips.
  • Softened shank.
  • Milled U-flute design.


  • Wear quickly in abrasive materials

For hammer drill jobs, I recommend the Bosch HCBG700 set. With diamond ground carbide tips, they offer outstanding performance. Although not for big projects on abrasive materials. The material is highly heat-resistant, making them ideal for deep holes. For a closer look, follow the link.

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Owl Tools 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set

If you need lots of size options, Owl Tools masonry drill bits set fits this criteria to a T. In this bundle, you’ll receive 10 pieces. Two of each size, ranging from 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch. There’s practically a size for each application.

The drill bits in the set are suitable for use in various materials. Including ceramic tile, cinder block, glass, plastic, cement, concrete and wood. They consist of sturdy, industrial-grade carbide tips, made for longevity and tough jobs.

Owl Tools is a US-based company, offering fantastic customer satisfaction. Additionally, it provides a convenient, plastic storage case to keep all your masonry bits organized. All that and a lifetime guarantee should the bits ever fail you.

Although Owl Tools states that it’s suitable for all materials, you may run into trouble with tiles. It seems that it requires a lot of pressure and lubrication. A better option may be the DEWALT DW5207.


  • Ten pieces included.
  • Decent range of sizes and lengths.
  • Durable materials.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Storage case included.


  • Bits don’t perform well on tiles.
  • Quality isn’t as good as the others on the list.

If you want a bundle with several sizes, you can’t go wrong with this set from Owl Tools. Although not the best quality on my list, it’s ample for most home DIYers. If you think this is for you, follow the link.

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QWORK 5 Pcs Multi-Material Drill Bit Set

Glass is my sworn enemy when it comes to drilling—it cracks and shatters too easily. That got me wondering if I could find a set of masonry drill bits suitable for glass, as well as masonry.

My search brought me to the QWORK multi-material set; this is a bundle of five pieces, combining a glass and tile bit with a masonry bit. It’s a fantastic pick if you’re redoing your bathroom or trying to hang mirrors. The carbide tip effortlessly handles the initial surface, like tile or glass. Then also bores effortlessly through the masonry behind it.

These bits include a spear-pointed design and are made of sturdy tungsten carbide. The tips can effectively penetrate various materials while reducing breakages.

QWORK bits come with a U-type slot design, which increases the drill’s efficiency when removing dust and debris. They also include a three flat-sided shank, allowing your machine to get a secure grip.

They do require water for lubrication when drilling hard materials like glass. However this is pretty common for all drill bits.

In the bundle, you’ll receive four different sizes—two 1/4-inch pieces, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch.

Sadly, the durability is somewhat mediocre. When using the bits in tough materials, like concrete, the tips dull too quickly. A better pick for concrete may be the Makita 7 Piece – SDS-Plus.


  • Multipurpose drill bits.
  • Tungsten carbide tips.
  • U-type slot design.
  • Three flat-sided shank.


  • May dull when used in concrete.

Drilling in glass requires special drill bits, so the bundle from QWORK is worth a look. With a multipurpose design, the bits are capable of boring through glass and the masonry behind it. For additional info, please tap on the link.

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EANINNO 5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set

For my last pick, I wanted to find the best drill bit for drilling concrete. The EANINNO set fits this requirement.

You’ll get five bits in this bundle, ranging in sizes from 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch. The bits come with upgraded tips, made with thickened, durable, cemented carbide.

You can use the drill bits in various materials, but they thrive when boring through concrete and other abrasive surfaces. Each bit features solid twist openings that resist tremors, making the process smoother. They also include U-grooves, allowing them to remove dust and debris as they bore through.

A great feature is the anti-skid triangular handle. It’s compatible with cordless and electric drills and offers outstanding accuracy.

EANINNO recommends that you use lots of water for lubrication and cooling while drilling. Then once you’re finished, dry the water and apply oil to prevent rust.

Using the bits with regular, non-hammer drills can be an uphill task. It will require a lot of force on your side, so if you don’t have a hammer drill, a better option would be the QWORK 5 Pcs set.


  • Thickened cemented carbide tips.
  • Tremor-resistant.
  • Deep U-groove design.
  • Anti-skid shanks.


  • May rust if not treated carefully.

If you’re drilling in concrete, I recommend this option from EANINNO. The thick, cemented carbide tips make it effortless to bore through tough surfaces. For more information, follow the link.

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What to Search for When Choosing the Best Masonry Drill Bits for Your Job

Now that we’ve seen the top 8 best masonry drill bits, it’s time for the buying guide. Below I’ve gathered a few suggestions to help get the best drill bits for you. So let’s dive into it.

Types of Drill Bits for Drilling Masonry

When it comes to drill bits suitable for boring through masonry, you have two types. I’ve explained them both below:


Arrowhead drill bits are probably the most common you’ll see when it comes to masonry bits. They’re excellent for use in materials prone to chipping or fracturing, such as stone, plaster, and even glass.

They usually consist of a large tip, generally made with tungsten carbide, and a steel shaft. Arrowhead drill bits are fantastic for creating small, precise holes—sizes usually range between 3/16-inch and 3/4-inch.

However, arrowhead masonry drill bits usually require a hammer drill. The tip isn’t as sharp as others, so you’ll need the force of the machine to get through. Also, ensure you have water nearby to provide lubrication and cooling.

Twist Bits

Twist bits are the usual type you see at home. They’re excellent for general use, like boring holes for pictures. These bits work best in plastic, wood, and light metal.

Twist bits are efficient at removing debris as they drill through the material. Their spiral shape also helps to keep a straight line without much effort from you.

Types of Shanks

The shank is the part that runs into the chuck of your drill. Although this may sound simple, the shank usually determines what the drill bit is good for. There are three types you should look at:

SDS and SDA-Plus Shanks

SDS drill bits are compatible with all SDS chuck systems — these are specifically designed for masonry hammering and concrete.

The end of the SDS shank is flat and is the only part that the piston hits. This increases its energy efficiency as it means the whole chuck doesn’t need to be impacted.

They are famous for their convenience. You can change the drill bit with one hand by simply twisting the chuck to loosen its spring-loaded ball bearings. This is also what SDS stands for in German markets—’Steck, Dreh, Sitz,’ which translates to ‘Insert, Twist, Stay.’

While the origin comes from the German translation SDS is more commonly known as the slotted drive system.

SDS-Plus shanks are simply improvements to the original system. They allow the chuck to hold the shank more firmly using its four indentations.

SDS-Max Shanks

SDS-Max systems are similar to SDS and SDS-Plus, but with slight improvements. They allow the piston to travel further, enabling it to hit the drill bit harder, increasing its efficiency.

The SDS-Max systems are for heavy-duty work, like concrete. They’re often used with larger masonry drill bits, measuring from 1/2-inch to 2 inches. And as opposed to the shanks above, these have five indentations, preventing them from coming loose in the chuck.

Spline Shanks

Spline chuck systems are for really heavy-duty drilling work. They are similar to the SDS-Max, but the spline is a much older system.

What’s different about spline shanks is that they have 12 splines (or teeth) that you insert into the chuck. Then they’re held in place by a retaining pin.

Although it’s an older system, many prefer spline shanks since they offer maximum drilling torque. However, spline shanks are usually only compatible with spline chuck systems. They’re also generally paired with larger drill bits, measuring from 1/2-inch to 2 inches.

Best Materials for Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry drill bits consist of two materials: the base construction and the coating.

The base construction:

  • High-speed steel (HSS): These are suitable for almost all materials, including wood and metal. They’re quite heat-resistant as well, which increases their longevity. However, they’re on the pricier end, and  typically come with a strong metal coating, like titanium, tungsten carbide, or diamond powder.
  • Carbon steel: These bits are probably the most common as they’re cheap and work on most masonry surfaces. However, unlike HSS bits, those made from carbon steel aren’t suited for materials like metal. They get hot very quickly and are less durable.
  • Tungsten carbide: This is another common material, and it’s an excellent choice—these drill bits are some of the best in terms of performance. They’re durable, heat-resistant, and rust-resistant. However they also tend to be the most expensive.

Now for the coating materials. Here, you generally have three different options:

  • Black oxide: This type of coating offers superior resilience and speed. It’s an excellent choice for most general-purpose drilling jobs, such as metal, wood, and plastic. Black oxide coatings provide high lubricity. Reducing friction which minimizes heat build-up and extends the drill bit’s life.
  • Titanium: Titanium covered drill bits offer superb toughness and speed—they’re excellent for use in steel, wood, and plastic. Such coatings are designed to extend the lifespan of the bit. However, they don’t work well with ferrous metals.
  • Tungsten carbide: This is one of the hardest materials, and the best choice for drilling through high-density surfaces. They’re also quite common and usually available for a reasonable price.
  • Diamond dust: This is another super hard coating. Making it capable of drilling through various materials, including glass. However, they tend to fade when used for masonry, suggesting it isn’t the best choice in this category.

What Are the Pros of Picking the Best Masonry Drill Bits?

There are multiple benefits to picking the best masonry drill bits. I’ve highlighted a few below:

Ability to Pierce Through Tough Surfaces​

Most masonry drill bits include special materials that transfer the power coming from the drill. This allows you to drill through high-density materials, such as brick, concrete, and stone.

High Precision

Using the correct drill bit for masonry enhances precision and accuracy. If you were to use a standard drill bit, it would most likely end up with the drill wondering and scratching the surface. And if you managed to start he hole, the drill bit would likely burn out really quickly. 

Minimization of Noise​

Masonry jobs aren’t for sensitive ears. But when using the correct bits, you’re able to bore with ease and at an optimal speed, which reduces the noise. You can also add a lubricant, like water or oil, to make it even smoother.

Prevention of Cracks and Chips

When boring through masonry, using the wrong drill bit can quickly damage the material and surrounding surface. However, with the correct bit, you’re able to drill with higher precision at a better speed. All while preserving the integrity of the material, be it stone, brick, or glass.


Masonry drill bits consist of the hardest metals and ceramic alloys. This allows them to sustain high speeds while drilling without burning out.

The flutes (spirals along the length of the drill bit) are also specially designed to remove the fine dust and debris quickly and effectively.

Improves Service Life of Power Drills​

Using the proper drill bits for the job allows for optimized speed and precision. This increases the efficiency and reduces stress on your drill.


When working with tough materials, like masonry, the right tools can make all the difference.

Although all the drill bits on my list are worth a look, the winner of the best masonry drill bit is the DEWALT DW5207.

The DEWALT offers a variety of standard sizes and durable rock carbide tips. They’re capable of boring through hard materials, like concrete. And the three flat-sided shanks make them compatible with most machines.

I hope that you found this article helpful while choosing the best masonry drill bits. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below.

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